Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kits

What is a Cocktail Kit?
Our Cocktail Kits come in two forms.

The Collector’s Kit
This kit is designed to make 4-8 cocktails, then keep the rest of the bottle to build your home bar. You can then follow our blog and recipes and play around with your own cocktails or you can purchase top-up packs of mixers and syrups while available.

The Party Kit
This kit is designed to use the entire bottle of spirits and all contents in the box. These boxes make 20-30 drinks and often have several ideas to make variations of the cocktail.

Whats in your Cocktail Kit?
Each kit is different, they usually include;

  • full size bottle of spirits or wine
  • handcrafted syrups, bitters, sugars or salts
  • recipe card
  • jigger
  • paper straws (if required)
  • quality mixers are often included

What do I need?
Each kit is different, but most of the time you will need;

  • glassware
  • fresh produce
  • ice
  • basic cocktail equipment is recommended, but not always needed
  • simple soda water is sometimes required